ONResearch Journal

The Review

ONResearch is the flagship academic and peer-reviewed journal of EU Business School, publishing quality scholastic works in the field of applied business research.

The review seeks to publish both scholarly and expository articles on a range of thematic areas for an international and interdisciplinary readership.

With a strong focus on applied business research at EU Business School, ONResearch will primarily focus on publishing in a wide area of applied business research. However, it will also solicit purely academic/theoretical quality contributions.

The periodic review is published twice per year, and invites submissions via a “call for papers.” The review accepts submissions from leading experts, industry leaders, academics, and senior students, which meet the blind screening and peer review criterias set forward by the advisory board.

The Board

Editorial Board
  • Dr. Suddha Chakravartti, Editor-in-Chief, Head of Research, EU Business School
  • Dr. Svetlana Elinova, Managing Editor, Lecturer, EU Business School
  • Ugochukwu Ikpeazu, Content Editor, Research Associate, EU Business School

The main functions of the Editorial Board are listed below:

  • Promote research and scholarship in the thematic focus areas of ONResearch
  • Help develop and proliferate ONResearch within the wider academic community
  • Act as a focal point between the authors, peer-review board, and the advisory board
  • Manage the structure and content of ONResearch. Also make decisions pertaining to the initial screening of submissions (articles/cases/book reviews)
  • Ensure and uphold the integrity, rights and interests of contributors, reviewers, and readers
  • Supervise the reviewing, revising, and copy-editing of submissions
  • Act as the final decision-maker for submission selection
Review Board


The current independent and blind peer-review board for ONResearch consists of scientific and academic reviewers from the following institutions listed below. Other institutions may be added on the recommendation and approval of the advisory board. The main functions and responsibilities of the Peer-Review Board are to:

  • Critically assess and examine submitted contributions in order to evaluate their feasibilty for publication
  • Decide whether a contribution is accepted, rejected, or needs to be further revised before publication
  • Assist in the promotion of quality standards in research and academia.
Dr. Eugene Michaels
FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Economics
Derby Business School University of Derby
Derby, UK
Dr. Gonzalo Wandosell y Fernández de Bobadilla
Dean of the UCAM Law and Business Faculty
Universidad Catolica de Murcia
Guadalupe, Murcia, Spain


Dr. André P. Slowak
Head of Postgraduate Taught Programmes & Principal Lecturer
Roehampton Business School University of Roehampton
London, UK

Thomas Edison State University

Michael Williams, Ph.D., MBA
Dean, School of Business and Management
Thomas Edison State University
Trenton, New Jersey, USA

Higher Colleges of Technology

Dr. Basel Natsheh
Chair of Business Division, Assistant professor,
Higher Colleges of Technology,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

FAE Centro Universitário

Giovani Antonio Bordini, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Business, Accounting and Finances
FAE Centro Universitário,
Curitiba, Brazil
Advisory Board

The advisory board for ONResearch provides strategic guidance and advice on the policy and scope of the journal. They also assist in the identification of research and thematic areas pertaining to the journal and attract authors to contribute their research. The current advisory board consists of:

  • Luc Craen, Vice-President & Managing Director, Swiss Campuses, EU Business School
  • Dr. Olivier Brenninkmeijer, Academic Dean, Munich Campus, EU Business School
  • Stef de Jong, Academic Dean, Swiss Campuses, EU Business School
  • Isabel Salvat, Academic Dean, Barcelona Campus, EU Business School
  • Dr. Jose Lamas, Lecturer, EU Business School

Review Process

Editorial Policy

ONResearch solicits contributions in the form of original essays, articles, business cases, and book reviews. We accept joint contributions. Although the main focus of the journal is applied business research, it will, from time to time, accept original academic and theoretical contributions in its thematic areas. ONResearch confirms the idea of original research, and thus any contributions made to ONResearch should not be have been previously published or presently be under the consideration of any other publication.

Contributions are solicited based on a “Call for Papers” which are announced on this website on a biannual basis. The Call for Papers shall contain all necessary information and deadlines for contributions. The process generally commences with the submission of an abstract (250 words). The Editorial Board reviews the submitted abstracts, and makes recommendations if necessary to contributors. If accepted, contributors are notified and are requested to submit their final manuscripts by an aforementioned deadline. Manuscripts once submitted, shall go through a blind peer review process adhering to the quality standards of ONResearch. If accepted, the contributors would be informed with the final recommendations (if any), and would be duly notified its publication in ONResearch. The decision of the Editor in Chief of ONResearch shall be final and binding.

All contributions submitted to ONResearch shall be screened for plagiarism using anti-plagiarism software. Any plagiarism detected by the Editorial Board would lead to the disqualification of the contribution for publication.

The decision of the Review Board regarding the acceptance and publication of contributions shall be final.

Copyright Policy

The copyright in the accepted contributions shall be shared jointly between the author(s) and ONResearch. Any use of ONResearch’s material by a third party for educational, private, or research purposes shall require the prior written permission of the Editorial Board.


Indemnity Policy

All contributors consent to indemnify ONResearch and EU Business School from all consequences and entitlements arising from any claims of copyright infringement, unauthorised use, or the violation of any rights thereof arising out of their contributions being published in ONResearch.

Types of Contribution


Book reviews
(750-1,000 words)


Short Articles
(1,500-2000 words)


Business Cases
(up to 3000 words)


Original Essays
(4,000-8,000 words)

Thematic Areas

  • Management Techniques & Decision Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Research and Development
  • Market and Marketing Research
  • Finance
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Diplomacy
  • Business Education and Pedagogy
  • Emerging Markets
  • International Relations and International Political Economy


Style Guide

Please refer and adhere to the style guide provided here.

All citations should adhere to the Harvard (In-Text/ Author, Date; page) Referencing Style Guide.

Download Style Guide

Call for Papers

(Tenth Edition; Spring, 2023)
ONResearch is now inviting proposals for its tenth edition, aimed to be published tentatively in May 2023, in the form of empirical and theoretical papers, cases, and book reviews in one of its many focus areas.
ONRESEARCH is the flagship, academic, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, publishing the highest quality of scholastic works in the field of applied business research. The periodic review publishes both scholarly and expository articles on a diverse range of subject and thematic areas for an international and interdisciplinary readership. The periodic review is published on a biannual basis, and invites submissions based on global “call for papers.” The publication accepts submissions from leading experts, industry leaders, academics, and senior students, which meet the blind screening and peer review standards set forward by the advisory board.

Types of Contributions


Contributions to ONResearch may be in the form of the following:

  • Original Essays (4,000-8,000 words)
  • Short Articles (1,500-2,000 words)
  • Business Cases (upto 3,000 words)
  • Book Review (1,500-2,000 words)

How to Submit


Send us your abstract/proposal, which should contain the following information:

  • The proposed title of the contribution
  • Author(s) name(s). Joint contributions are welcome
  • The type of contribution (original essay/short article/case/book review)
  • Abstract of 250 words
  • Short bio of author(s)
  • Contact details of author(s)

All submissions are to be made only in MS Word format, and all questions and queries must be forwarded to research@euruni.edu


Note: All manuscripts shall be screened using anti-plagiarism software.

Deadlines & Key Dates

Abstract Submission (250 words): February 03, 2023

Confirmation of Acceptance of Abstract: February 10, 2023

Final Manuscript Submission: April 07, 2023

Peer Review Process/Copy Editing: April 10 - May 08, 2023

Expected Date of Publication: May 31, 2023